April 12, 2017

Our Clients

Our clients and partners include companies from global enterprises to small businesses, non-profits, and government agencies from national to municipal levels.  This is a sampling of the clients and partners we have worked with.

  • Berry Moorman P.C.
  • Signal Restoration Services
  • BLM Adige Ag
  • Tensor Chess, LLC
  • Varnum Law LLP
  • Behavioral Center of Michigan
  • Samaritan Behavioral Center
  • Spectrum Human Services
  • Process Development Corporation, Inc.
  • PAC Group Inc.
  • Torre & Bruglio Inc.
  • Torre Site Services, Inc.
  • Torre Golf Management, Inc.
  • Flight Time Enterprises, Inc.
  • City of Warren
  • Boys Hope Girls Hope (501c3)
  • GLP Investments, Inc.
  • China Bridge, LLC
  • Global Bridges Network, LLC
  • United States Commercial Service Frankfurt, Germany
  • United States Commercial Service London, UK
  • United States Commercial Service Moscow, Russia
  • Search for Common Ground
  • Dynamic Manufacturing, Inc.