Branding 2.0

Of all the factors that contribute to your business success, branding your identity is perhaps the one that can make the biggest difference.

With proper brand identity initiates, your products or services, can become a cut above the competition.

Whether you are just starting a new business or looking to revitalize an old one, brand marketing can be the factor that completely transforms your company outlook.

Developing a Brand Identity

Though having a good product or service is definitely important to long-term success, branding, is the magic sauce, and making it involves identifying your target audience and properly creating branding initiatives that maximize the likelyhood of engagining that target audience.

Of course, those who have an established brand identity already do not have to feel left out. Perhaps over the years you have lost touch with your audience and find that your company requires a re-branding initiative, that will help you reconnect with your customers.

Our Development Process

Having executed hundreds of campaigns, we know that successful branding initiatives depend on a well executed plan.

A core ascpect of the Development Porcess is creating a roadmap that aligns expectations for primary goals, target audience(s), desired tone, etc. with expected outcomes.

The Standard Project Framework includes identifying primary and secondary competition, both on- and offline, and defining the primary target audience for the campaign.

This is a critical step that is the basis for developing audience profiles  which are the core of the branding campaign.  Because if you know your customers, you know how, when, and how often to engage them.