The Internet allows companies to reach more than 1.4 billion Internet users around the globe with the click of a mouse. Companies are presented with a great opportunity to expand their business by reaching out to global audiences through global Internet marketing, who would otherwise, be impossible to target. In order to maintain an advantage in an ever-LLCreasing global marketplace, international website development efforts must integrate with a website localization strategy and speak to individual regions, cultures, and customs.

Our team of consultants has developed a proven global Internet marketing process for effectively reaching and communicating with Internet users globally and locally. Some of the key areas of consideration for developing a global marketing strategy in which our global marketing consultants specialize LLClude:

Website Localization:

How will you maintain consistent branded messaging across the world while speaking directly to regional audiences?

How easy is it for users to find local content?.



How many languages should your international website support?

How will this be managed?

Will all versions of your global website be in every language you choose?

How will users choose their language?


Shared Resources

Will each locale develop all of their content, or will they share resources?

Who will develop content for each version of your international website?


Global Internet Marketing

How will you attract visitors to your global website from around the world?

Which regional search engines should you target in each specific locale?


Customer Differences

How will you handle differing cultural sensitivities and considerations?

Different interpersonal communication styles?

Different sales processes?


Global Brand Recognition

Is your brand already recognized in various parts of the world, or will you need to create brand awareness for some regions or locales?

Will there be a consistent template for all versions of the global website?

Who will your competitors be and how will you differentiate from them?


Our Consultants are comfortable working with marketing teams from around the world to develop global marketing strategies. For more information, contact one of our global marketing consultants today.

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