Crisis Management

You’ve spent years building a brand and establishing your reputation. Then crisis hits, and overnight, everything you’ve worked for is under siege.

Bad things can happen to great brands and great people.  Since technology is so intertwined with our daily lives, all it takes is one digital media influencer, one reporter with an axe to grind, or one disgruntled employee or consumer to send an entire business, and the brand into a full crisis mode.

No brand or public figure is unfortunately immune, but a communications crisis, can be mitigated, and even become an opportunity when a communications and mitigation strategy is in place.

From civil litigation and embarrassing viral digital slander campaigns, acting immediately in the face of the unpredictable, can go a long way toward isolating, mitigating, and overcoming the communications crisis that may negatively impact your name, whether as an individuals, or as a company.

The International Consultants crisis management approach, applies a series of proven tools and methodologies throughout the process to help manage reputation in the face of crisis, and mitigate the damage.